5 Cool New Features With iMovie (iOS) Version 2.1

The iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone have access to a pretty impressive video editor with iMovie for iOS.  With the release of iOS 8, Apple also updated iMovie with some new effects and functions that will be of interest to any mobile moviemaker.    Here are 5 cool new features with iMovie (iOS) version 2.1.:

  • Adjust playback speed within portions of a video clip
  • Some new animated titles paired with sound effects
  • 10 new filters that can be easily applied to your videos and photos
  • Pull media stored in your iCloud Drive
  • Export your project directly to other iOS applications

So ultimately, the iMovie app for iOS continues to get better and better.  For classrooms looking for a video production solution/platform, the iPad, iPad Mini and even the iPod Touch provide a very comprehensive and creative solution.  The ability to shoot, edit and share video products from one mobile device is something that should be appealing to any creative classroom.


K. Takahashi


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