Apple TV in the Classroom: Naming and managing Apple TV (Tech tip 6 of 31)

Customize the name of your Apple TV so it is easier to find

If you are in a school with several operating Apple TVs, it may be necessary to a use a naming convention that is more specific (and more appropriate) than the stock labels that Apple provides (ex. Office, Living Room , Kitchen, etc.).  Create a custom name for your Apple TV in order to make it easier to identify it from other units.  Typically, I have always recommended using room numbers as labels as it helps to easily and quickly identify the appropriate Apple TV.

Navigate to SETTINGS and then select AIRPLAY.  Next choose APPLE TV NAME and then scroll down to the CUSTOM option.  Go ahead and name your Apple TV with a label that easily distinguishable form other Apple TVs on the same networks.

Turn ON either ONSCREEN CODE, PASSWORD or DEVICE VERIFICATION in order to manage user access to the Apple TV

Now that students and teachers can find your Apple TV, it is time to manage who can actually connect to it.  Activating either one of these 3 settings (ONSCREEN CODE, PASSWORD or DEVICE VERIFICATION) will help determine who can stream to your Apple TV.  This is another helpful feature to consider when setting up your Apple TV within a classroom or school.

Go to SETTINGS, select AIRPLAY and then navigate to SECURITY. From here you can opt to select and set up ONSCREEN CODE, PASSWORD or DEVICE VERIFICATION.

Onscreen code will ask users looking to connect to the Apple TV to enter a randomly generated 4-digit code that is displayed on the screen. I find that this is a great option for a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment as you do not need to share a password with other users.  Password makes use of a password that is generated by the Apple TV administrator where users are then prompted to enter it when their Apple device looks to connect to the Apple TV.  This is not a bad solution if you are working with a class set of iPads that you will want to have access to the Apple TV without having to enter an onscreen code every time. Device verification works in the same way as password, except that the user enters an onscreen code once in order to verify future connections to the Apple TV.

Apple has posted a number of great resources on the Apple TV.  Find them HERE.

– K. Takahashi

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