Enable Restrictions in iOS to better manage your classroom iPads

For those who are manually managing school or classroom iPads, setting up and restoring a collection of iOS devices is a time consuming activity.  Configurator offers an automated option to configure and maintain iPads but if these devices are left open and unrestricted, users can quickly undo your hard work.  Whether you are managing sets of iPads or just your own, be sure to become familiar with the options after you enable Restrictions in iOS 8.  Turning ON a few of these options can save you the time and trouble of having to continually reset and manage your iOS device(s).

First of all, we need to enable Restrictions

Be sure to create a passcode that is different from your passcode for your lock screen.  It is also critical that you have a way of recalling this passcode in the future should you forget.


Restricting Access to the Safari, Camera, FaceTime and Siri

Be mindful that changes that you make to your restrictions settings may also impact the functionality and accessibility of the apps that you currently have installed on your device.  For example, completely restricting Siri will also take away the dictation function on your iOS device.


Restrict Purchases, Podcasts and the ability to Install/Delete Applications

Restricting the deletion of apps is a helpful restriction to use if you are concerned about users deleting apps from the iOS device.


Restricting Various Types of Content

Once again be mindful of the content that you are restricting as it may impact and limit the apps and media that you currently have on your device. For example, setting filters on your websites will impact all web browsers on your iOS device not just Safari.


Restricting Changes to your Accounts

Restricting changes to accounts will effectively lock down accounts that you would set up in your Settings menu. This includes account changes to Mail, Calendar, iTunes, iCloud and iMessage to name just a few. Consequently if there is no account currently associated with a service or feature in iOS, restricting changes to accounts will also prevent someone from adding a new account.


– K. Takahashi


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