Evernote Crashing on my RT: My Solution & a Bigger Problem?

Evernote Touch on the Windows Store yield mixed reviews.

Evernote Touch on the Windows Store yield mixed reviews.

The ability to access and use Evernote across my computing and mobile devices has been an incredible way for me to record and organize my notes, thoughts and observations at work and home. It allows me to move between platforms and devices seamlessly and capture those moments when they occur as they occur.

However my experience recently with Evernote Touch on the Microsoft Surface has been plagued with persistent crashing of this touch application. Updating Windows and applying application updates did not resolve the issue. Reinstalling the application also failed to fix these frustrating crashes.

A quick search online revealed that this is a problem that others are experiencing with their RT devices. What is more, there seems to be no official solution to this problem. Perhaps even more troubling is the fact that this issue has pestered some Evernote/Windows RT users as far back as October 2012. Not surprisingly, a number of reviews of the Evernote Touch app on the Windows Store also draw attention to this problem.

Solving the Evernote crashing problem comes at the cost of not being able to access my Evernote notes from other user accounts on the Surface.

Solving the Evernote crashing problem comes at the cost of not being able to access my Evernote notes from other user accounts on the Surface.

My “Solution”?

With some trial and error, it seems like my problem of Evernote crashing is linked to the multiple user accounts on the RT. Originally, I had two user accounts on my Surface; a Microsoft Live account for work that I used when I initially set up the RT and my own personal Microsoft Live account. Evernote was originally installed with my work account but once I started using my personal account on the Surface, I wanted to access Evernote from my personal account as well. And that’s when my Evernote crashing problems started.

However I found that once I completely uninstalled the Evernote program from my work account and then reinstalled the app again within my personal account the crashing seemed to stop. All of my notes (over 1500) loaded up successfully and quickly synced any changes to my notes. What is more, when I reinstalled the app under the work account/user and logged into my Evernote account the crashing started up again. It would seem that at least for me, the Evernote Touch app works on my Windows RT device providing that I am not trying to access Evernote under a different Windows user account on the same Surface tablet. To be clear, this is a stopgap solution that I have found that circumvents the Evernote crashing issue on my RT but it certainly does not resolve the problem.

A Sign Of Bigger Issues?

I cannot say for sure if the root of this problem resides with the Windows RT operating system or the Evernote Touch application. What I do find concerning is the persistence of this problem and the lack of success in trying to find a solution to this issue. If the crashing application is indeed linked to its use under multiple users on Windows RT then this becomes a potential problem for educators who wish to use Evernote in a classroom setting where students would be logging in under their own personal Microsoft Live accounts. Could this also indicate potential problems for other applications when used within different user accounts on one RT device? I guess only time will tell…

K. Takahashi

Author: K. Takahashi

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