Gamification: Determining My Learning Objectives

Since an earlier post regarding the importance of content connecting to the gamified learning experience, I felt the need to rethink, prioritize and identify the various learning expectations into one of two groups. By identifying learning expectations as either a specific learning expectation or an overall learning expectation, I hope to create a learning task that manages to address all expectations in an experience that is both focussed and straightforward.  The need to provide support surrounding some of the new features within Windows 8 as well as the new hardware features presented with the HP All-in-One PC fall under the more specific learning expectations in this learning activity. These specific expectations go on to support the greater overall learning expectation of exploring and understanding the potential of the PC as a Self Organized Learning Environment (SOLE).

How Will I Approach Or Gamify Specific And Overall Expectations?

This resource was a supporting document in a recent SOLE Challenge from Sugata Mitra and TEDTalks
This resource was a supporting document in a recent SOLE Challenge from Sugata Mitra and TEDTalks

Similar to the driving experience that I experienced in the Toyota RAV4, I want to keep the learning objective closely linked to gamified learning experience. If the overall learning expectation is to begin using the PC as a Self Organized Learning Environment with our students then I feel as though the gamified learning task itself should essentially involve teachers engaging the HP All-in-One PC as a SOLE. Sugata Mitra’s work on this topic will help to ensure that the gamified task upholds the fundamental tenets of the Self Organized Learning Environment. (Here is a link to a SOLE Toolkit for a recent TED Talks SOLE Challenge)

The specific learning objectives will also be addressed in this learning activity involving the Self Organized Learning Environment. However, I hope to cover these learning expectations as they naturally occur in the gamified experience. Rather than explicitly setting aside a series of small tasks focussing on the specific learning expectations surrounding Windows 8 software and the All-in-One hardware, the learning of these skills and features will inherently take place as teachers work to complete the learning task.

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