Gamification: Let the Games Begin

As part of an online course that I currently taking with CSU (Charles Sturt University), we are currently looking at the integration of technology into teaching and learning. This provides me the perfect opportunity to dive into the topic of gamification. Over the next two months I will be exploring the concept of gamification in order to identify and implement gaming mechanisms and evaluate how they can establish and support an environment for learning. In my current role as a Learning Coordinator, most of my work will involve supporting teachers in their own professional development, however if this investigation remains focussed on the learning process then arguably the findings could apply to all learners.

Why Gamfication?

I would not consider myself an avid “video gamer” but I did play my fair share of video games growing up. After a lengthy departure from gaming, it was the iPad and iPhone that brought me back to this form of entertainment and I now find myself getting back into some console gaming as well. In rekindling my relationship with video games, I have also made a few observations:

– there are a lot people (young and old) who are currently playing video games (E3: Who plays video games? The numbers might surprise you)

– there is a move to involve social media and social interaction in modern video games (Social aspects of video gaming drawing in more users and revenue)

– video games can be engaging in the way they instruct and guide the player (Manual labor: Why we don’t need game manuals anymore)

– video games can be responsive to the user (How responsiveness affects players’ perception in digital games)

Monopoly: Here & Now: The World Edition is a game for the iPad that has finally taught me the proper way to play Monopoly!
Monopoly: Here & Now: The World Edition is a game for the iPad that has finally taught me the proper way to play Monopoly!

These observations have ultimately brought to me the topic of gamification and its potential in the classroom. If video games are any indication of the level of engagement and interactivity that students (both young and the young at heart) currently enjoy and expect, then I think I may need to step up my game as a teacher.

Over the next couple of months, I will continue to explore the topic of gamification and attempt to implement gaming elements in my work to support teachers and students. I intend on using this blog as a way to document my learning throughout this project.

Stay tuned and let the games begin…

K. Takahashi

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