Google Forms in the classroom – A great place to start

Google Drive connects to a large suite of Google productivity applications (Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Drawings, etc.) that may be a bit intimidating to educators who are looking to get started with Google in the classroom.   Before creating lavish presentations or setting up students with their own shared folders in Google Drive, perhaps the best way to bring Google into your classroom is to start with Google Forms.

What is Google Forms?

Google Forms is another part of Google Drive that allows you to set up online surveys and then share them with others.  Results are then automatically collected and compiled on a Google Spreadsheet.

Why start with Google Forms?

Besides being easy to create, using Google Forms presents a great way to acquaint newcomers to the potential of Google Drive and its accompanying productivity applications.  Here are some other reasons why using Google Forms in the classroom is a great place to start…

  • Facilitates student participation – The nature of the online form is to request the participation of others.  Google Forms is a fast and easy way to engage students and provides opportunities to place technology in the hands of students rather than at the front of the classroom where the teacher may be the only person interacting with technology.
  • Cross platform – Any device with a browser and internet connectivity can potentially be used to access and complete these online forms.  For a school that supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) this is a great way to leverage the variety of different devices and platforms brought into the classroom.
  • Participants do not need to have their own Google account – As the creator or administrator of a Google Form, you have the ability to share the form in a number of different ways.  Forms can be sent out via email, shared as a link or embedded on your own website.  When you share the link or embed the form it is open to the public and as a result, participants will not need to have a Google account to access and complete the form.  This helps to get around the problem of having to ensure that all of your students have a Google account.
  • Results are immediately compiled and accessible – Google Forms is a great way to gather and assess student feedback quickly and easily.  As soon as students begin submitting responses, a spreadsheet is automatically generated for the form and is accessed through the creator or administrator’s Google Drive.  The form can be a quick exit card for students to complete at the end of a lesson or they can be used within larger tasks or projects that require student input or feedback.  Google forms can also be generated quickly on the spot so teachers can create and deploy a survey when the unexpected need arises.
  • Viewing the results together – Perhaps one of the most powerful features of the online form is the ability to use and share the results with the entire class.  The spreadsheet of responses can be displayed on a large screen or shared to the class for viewing on their own devices (you can provide viewing rights to the spreadsheet).  Sharing the results can help facilitate discussion, generate some new ideas or even determine next steps for learning.  The possibilities are endless…

Get started with Google Forms

If you already have a Google account, you just need open your Google Drive, select Create and then choose Form.  Have a look at the video below for a whirlwind tour of Google Forms.  If you are still running into some problems and questions, have a look at the links below for more in-depth help from around the web!


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– K. Takahashi

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