My Gamification Attempt: The HP 8300 Elite

Here it is.

This is it.

As part of my learning action plan for my CSU course (EMT501), I want to research and apply the concept of gamification in my work as a Learning Technologies Coordinator. My proposal initially indicated that I would attempt to gamify a technology workshop or resource that I would facilitate or use in supporting the professional development of teachers. The actual subject or piece of technology was to be determined at a later date once I had a better idea on the topics and resources that I would be supporting in the fall of 2013.

Well that time has come and I have decided to gamify the support and training surrounding the release of a new piece of PC hardware that will soon be available to our schools for purchase. It is the HP 8300 Elite All-In-One Personal Computer (PC)!

What? Why?

I chose this particular technology because of the circumstances surrounding its upcoming availability for schools around our district.

– All schools will have a chance to get hands-on time with this PC

– This particular PC is the first touchscreen PC available to schools and classrooms

– This is the first PC that comes in an All-In-One form factor

– This PC will be the first to usher in the Windows 8 platform into our schools

Needless to say, the new features in both hardware and software will require supporting teachers and students in its use to support learning. More specifically, this is the opportunity for us to begin rethinking how schools envision the use of PCs in the school. We want to move forward from the commonly held concept that the personal computer is simply a one-to-one, media consumption device. With a large touchscreen that can handle up to 10 points of touch and an operating system that is designed for a touch interface, the All-In-One presents the opportunity to create a centre of learning where groups of students can collaborate and create together. This concept echoes the research and work of Sugata Mitra surrounding his concept of the Self Organized Learning Environment (SOLE).

OK, Now What?

Early in these stages of planning, I am still unsure as to what this gamified learning experience will look like. I am beginning to work through Jane McGonigal’s book, Reality is Broken and I must admit I am left with more questions than answers. I am struggling with the definition and difference between the terms “game” and “gamification”. In trying to envision a gamified learning experience, I am trying to move beyond simply offering badges or rewards to help motivate teachers to engage in the professional development surrounding the HP 8300 Elite All-In-One computer. In trying to implement McGonigal’s gaming concepts of challenge and feedback (McGonigal, 2011), I am concerned in having gaming mechanisms that may serve to distract rather than enhance the learning environment. Is this an indication that I am still in need of more research and information or am I simply getting cold feet?

K. Takahashi



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