Pelican i1065 iPad Case Review

After about a month with the Pelican i1065 case for the iPad, the Pelican brand lives up to its name and I now have a better sense of where this case can be used both in and out of the classroom.

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If you are already familiar with the Pelican line of protective cases and storage units, the i1065 does not stray far from its siblings. The i1065 sports a solid hard case with soft fabric lining along with strips of high density foam for added protection. This particular model also comes with a rubberized insert that the iPad (iPad 2, 3 & 4) slides into. The case seals nicely and the latch does a good job of securing the case closed without being cumbersome or difficult to operate. With the Pelican brand comes the claim that the case is watertight, crushproof and dust proof. As I do not have a sacrificial iPad to test this claim, I will simply have to take Pelican at their word.


Considering its lineage of bulky cases and the type of protection that it is offering, the Pelican i1065 is thin and light enough to easily slide into a laptop or messenger bag. However, the relatively thin form factor comes at the price of not having a lot of additional space for anything else but an iPad. Even the presence of a SMART Cover poses some problems as the rubber sleeve inside the case really does not allow for the additional thickness of a cover or protective case. Having said that, I was able to fold the SMART Cover back on itself and essentially squeeze in the cover without having to unattached it from the iPad.

Those looking ahead may also want to use this case with the iPad Air. Based upon the reduced dimensions of the iPad Air, the newest iPad will indeed fit inside of the case but its narrower and slimmer form factor may impact how well it is secured inside the rubberized sleeve. Those looking for a very snug fit for their iPad Air may find it unsettling to have their iPad Air shifting inside of the case.

In my use of the case, I found it easy enough to slide my iPad in and out of the case when I wanted to simply use the iPad on its own at home. However when at work I tended to keep it in the case where I used the integrated stand/easel feature to prop up the iPad. When using the easel feature on the i1065, I could either lay the hinged lid flat on the table or have it resting on the top edge of the iPad to serve as a bit of a hood for my tablet. I preferred the latter simply because it minimized the amount of desk space that it would take up when in use.


I really like this case. It provides very good protection and yet the case is light and the form factor is relatively slim. However it is important to consider how this case will be used and integrated in the classroom. If you are looking for iPad protection where students can carry and simultaneously use the iPad they may find the i1065 case to be somewhat awkward with its attached, hinged lid. Where this case really shines is in situations where students are carrying the device to a location (in or out of the classroom) and then using it on some sort of table or surface. I envision this case being extremely useful in school labs, workshops and in learning that is taking place outdoors.  The ability to open up the case, prop up the iPad and then rest it on the ground, workbench or lab counter is extremely useful to the active learner.

This case provides fantastic protection but before making the purchase, teachers will need to consider how they intend on using the iPad in their classroom. There is no shortage of protective options for your classroom iPad, so you want to be sure that you invest in the most suitable, protective option.

– K. Takahashi

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