ScreenCastify: Annotate and record your Chromebook screen

Screencastify Set UpA quick tip for those looking for a screen capture solution for the Chromebook.  ScreenCastify is a Chrome application that allows the user to record their browser tab or desktop.  This is a fantastic option for students who are looking to create, record and annotate projects (ex. Google Slides, Google Drawings, etc.) that they have created on their Chromebook.  Recorded videos can then be saved and exported to Google Drive or YouTube to be shared or submitted as part of an assignment or formative assessment.  There is a free version of ScreenCastify that will allow you to record projects that are under 10 minutes long.  For those who are familiar with the Explain Everything app for iOS, Windows, Android and Chrome, ScreenCastify is a simple and handy alternative for educators and students.

– K. Takahashi

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